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Our Spacer Mold Solutions redefine orthopedic interventions, offering both specific and generic solutions to cater to diverse patient needs.

Specific Spacer Mold: Preserving Motion, Space, and Tension

At ZCARE, we understand the importance of preserving motion, joint space, and soft tissue tension after bone removal or resection. Our Specific Spacer Mold is a patient-specific solution, meticulously crafted based on individual CT scan studies. Whether it’s a total bone or a partial resection, this solution ensures:
Our anatomic mold allows for the preservation of the patient’s natural range of motion.
Precise design ensures the preservation of joint spaces critical for optimal function.
The mold considers soft tissue tension, maintaining the delicate balance for enhanced outcomes.
Patients can confidently ambulate with mobility-assisted devices, thanks to the tailored design.

How It Works:

The process begins with a detailed CT scan of the patient’s anatomy. Our expert team utilizes this data to create a precise 3D model of the bone that will be partially or completely removed.
Using advanced software, we design a specific Spacer Mold tailored to the patient’s unique anatomy. The mold is crafted to preserve motion, joint space, and soft tissue tension.
The designed mold undergoes precision manufacturing using cutting-edge technology. The end result is a patient-specific Spacer Mold ready for surgical use. Customizable holes are added to facilitate the fit for muscle origin and insertion.
During the procedure, our Specific Spacer Mold acts as a surgical guide, ensuring accurate placement

Generic Spacer Mold: Versatile Solutions for Knee Revision Surgery

Our Generic Spacer Mold caters specifically to patients undergoing two-stage revision knee surgery for infected total joints. While not patient-specific, this conception maximizes joint fit, providing versatile options for single or multiple uses. Key features include:
Ideal for patients undergoing knee surgery with a focus on infection control through a two-stage revision process.
Our conception ensures a maximum joint fit, addressing the complexities of revision surgeries.
Available in both single-use and multiple-use options, providing flexibility based on surgical requirements.

How It Works:

The surgeon places a transparent radio tracing on the patient’s knee before removing the prosthetic. This tracing aids in determining the best-fitting Spacer size.
Using the radio tracing, the surgeon identifies the optimal size for the Generic Spacer Mold. This streamlined process minimizes the need for extensive preoperative procedures.
With the selected Spacer Mold size, the surgeon proceeds with the two-stage revision surgery, ensuring infection control and joint fit.


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