Unlock the potential of our Percutaneous Drilling solution, where precision meets mini-invasiveness. Visualize and access drilling points without incisions, revolutionizing your approach to orthopedic procedures.
Our Percutaneous Drilling solution redefines the orthopedic landscape, allowing surgeons to drill with unparalleled accuracy through a mini-invasive approach. Designed to adapt to each patient’s unique anatomy, this solution provides a 3D guide for precise drilling points.
Ideal for surgeons navigating the complexities of orthopedic procedures, our Percutaneous Drilling solution serves as a guiding companion. Tailored for various orthopedic conditions, it enhances surgical proficiency, ensuring surgeons can confidently address specialized cases.
Our solution aims to minimize soft tissue damage and less skin scar. By precisely targeting the bone to be drilled from above soft tissue
Experience efficiency and time savings with our Percutaneous Drilling solution, offering a comparable level of precision to traditional navigation. This surgical assistant mitigates risk, offering a safer journey for surgeons and optimizing outcomes for patients.

How It Works:

We initiate the process by receiving patient CT scans, to create a precise 3D model of the bone and its surroundings.
Our team offer you deep analyzes of the 3D models to develop a personalized surgical approach, we extract the different anatomical parts of the models including cortical, spongy, Muscles, fat and skin
Utilizing cutting-edge 3D printing technology, we manufacture the custom instruments. During surgery, augmented reality tools provide real-time guidance, ensuring accuracy at every step.
Surgeons who have previously used our PSI precisely navigate the patient’s body part with enhanced visualization and detailed anatomy


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