VR / AR / MX

Virtual Reality (VR)

Experience surgery in a virtual realm through our immersive 3D visualization. Surgeons refine their skills and approach procedures with confidence in a realistic virtual environment. Our VR solutions empower surgeons to visualize and understand patient-specific models, bringing your anatomic models to your fingertips.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Step into a new dimension of surgical precision with AR. Immerse yourself in our 3D visualization page, where surgeons not only practice but execute surgeries. Witness the transformative power of AR, providing unparalleled insights and enhancing pre-surgery planning. Access our AR-ready models on your device, bringing the operating room to your fingertips.

Mixed Reality (MX)

Explore the convergence of physical and virtual realities with MX on our dedicated visualization page. Combining the tangible aspects of 3D printed models with the digital intricacy of patient-specific models, MX offers a comprehensive approach to surgical preparation. Interact with our models seamlessly, blending the best of both worlds, and bringing the operating room and anatomic models to your fingertips.

Seamless Access to AR Capabilities

Access our 3D visualization page with the flexibility of AR integration on your device. Surgeons can view and interact with our models in AR, provided their devices support this technology. For those without AR-enabled devices, materials for their needs are available for purchase or rent, ensuring accessibility to our cutting-edge solutions.

Bridging Digital and Physical Realities

At ZCARE, we bridge the gap between digital and physical realities, providing surgeons with a holistic approach to surgical practice and execution. Explore our 3D visualizations, witness the potential of AR, VR, and MX, and unlock a new era of surgical innovation tailored to your needs.

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