Every person has a unique anatomical structure, and when it’s affected by a disease, it transforms into a distinct anatomical condition.

Our solution aids doctors in comprehending this specific anatomy by creating a 3D model derived from clinical studies such as CT scans, MRI, and ultrasound. This tool assists them in preparing for surgical procedures, ensuring precise and informed medical interventions.

Discover Our Surgical Planning Solutions

Our process begins by collecting the patient’s medical information from the doctor. We offer three types of models to surgeons:

  1. 3D Digital Model: We create a detailed 3D representation of the patient’s anatomy in formats like OBJ or STL. Surgeons can view and study it on their devices, aiding in comprehensive analysis.

  2. 3D Printed Model: We can craft a physical, tangible model of the patient’s anatomy. This hands-on approach allows surgeons to analyze and plan procedures more effectively, facilitating precise instrument and implantable device preparation.

  3. AR Holographic Model: Using advanced Augmented Reality (AR) technology, we generate a lifelike holographic model. Surgeons can interact with this projection, gaining in-depth insights into the patient’s anatomy.

These options provide surgeons with versatile tools, enhancing their understanding and enabling meticulous preparation, leading to more successful medical interventions.

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