The cervical spine train is a series of simulators designed to replicate the anatomy of the cervical spine, catering to diverse requirements such as enhancing product demonstrations, facilitating the learning of anatomy, and assisting in the placement of pedicle screws.


Our array of knee simulators offers a variety of choices for knee procedural skills training. Whether you require a high-fidelity simulator with performance tracking, an economical and ready-to-use imaging solution, or simply anatomical models, our selection of simulators can fulfill your training requirements.


The lumbar spine train is a range of simulators representing the anatomy of the spine meeting various needs such as enrichment of product demonstrations, aid in learning anatomy and placement of pedicle screws.


Our portfolio of hysteroscopy simulators provides a range of options for hysteroscopy skills training. whether you need a high-fidelity simulator that tracks performance, an affordable, turnkey imaging solution, or just want the anatomical models, our range of simulators can meet your training needs.


We understand there is a spectrum of needs for laparoscopic skills training and one size does not fit all. whether you are looking for a personal box trainer to practise basic skills at home or need to kit out your simulation centre with high fidelity systems, look no further, we offer the most comprehensive range of laparoscopic simulators to suit every budget and functionality requirement.


The vagina surgical simulation has been used for skill acquisition and maintenance outside of the operating room in a learning environment that is safe for the learners and does not expose patients to additional risk.

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