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Since 2018 Zcare is trying to find solution with additive manufacturing and engineering to some of the problem to some that surgeons encounter.

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Our products

All of the articles are carefully made with Biocompatible material to ensure your safe medical therapy and made with additive manufacturing to ensure a unique patient specific product without being mass produced and with no modification to be fitted.


it’s a  light weight and water resist solution for fractured patient replacing the heavy and non breathable plaster

prosthetic legs and arms

with our new technology we can make the same anatomical model as the healthy foot to a perfect match

tumor resection guide

because tumor resection is va very complex surgery we assist surgeons with a patient specific instrument to help them perfect the resection and preserve more healthy bone

anatomic models

Pre-operative simulation using a three-dimensional printing model for surgical treatment of old and complex tibial plateau fractures

3D printed fetus

You can now 3D print your unborn baby … Anything can be 3D printed nowadays, including your unborn baby.

implant mold

Recent technological advances have led to the use of custom computer-designed patient specific mold (PSM) in reconstructive surgery to assist surgeon to form the cement-base implant.

anatomic models
prosthetic legs
3D baby
tumor resection guide
patients specific mold

Happy Stories

I am satisfied with what Zcare provides me service, finally I get to have a comfortable personalized cast, I highly recommend it !



I felt like I had been trapped in my own skin, thanks to Zcare I felt like I was released and set free again and like nothing had happened to me.



The traditional plast caused me skin infection, luckily there is Zcast which is hygienic, easy to put it on and to take it off without having to cut my clothes !



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we believe that great designs don’t have to be expensive, in fact we are using technology not only for making things better but cheaper, our core business is making products respecting the willing of the health of the patient while being affordable.

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